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2011+ V8 Mustangs

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Lund Racing remote tuning sessions are for forced induction and extreme naturally aspirated vehicles.  Remote tuning sessions require data logging and calibration at idle, cruise and wide open throttle.  Throughout this process, every effort is made to perfect drivability while safely achieving maximum power output.  Don’t settle for less, get tuned by the best!


Lund Racing remote tuning sessions are available to purchase online for all 2011+ V8 Mustangs. Other applications are available, please call or email us for details.  Lund Racing remote tuning sessions do not include dyno time, customer is responsible for scheduling and paying for all necessary dyno services.  After your order is placed, please email us directly at  Place your order number in the subject line and provide us with the following…

  • Year =
  • Make =
  • Model =
  • Transmission =
  • Lund Racing nGauge or SCT Device Serial Number (If you already have a device) =
  • PCM Code =
  • Gear Ratio =
  • Rear Tire Size =
  • Fuel Octane Desired =
  • DETAILED Modification List =


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